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About Us

Pride Shades LLC is run by Adam and Jeff! Adam is an Actor and Office Admin, and Jeff is an Actor and Bartender. We met on an online dating app in July 2018, Adam in Ohio, Jeff in Seattle. We talked pretty much every day, until Adam flew out to Seattle for a weekend in November 2018. We started dating after that visit.

Jeff then came to Ohio for Adam's Birthday (and Valentine's Day!) in February 2019 ((where Adam thought it would be a great idea to take Jeff for some Cincinnati Chili, and promptly gave him food poisoning)). Talking almost every day, we tried to see each other every few months, but man, long distance relationships are expensive. Adam flew to Seattle in April, and Jeff to Ohio in June, where at Columbus Pride, Adam asked Jeff to marry him! (Jeff said yes!)

We took an extended trip together, to visit Jeff's family home in Denver and to exchange rings, in August of 2019, and Adam was able to spend two weeks in Seattle.

After that trip, neither of us wanted to wait longer, and instead of moving to Seattle in December, we decided to bump the move to October 2019.

So why Pride Shades? Adam worked for a sunglasses company out of Ohio, that he approached saying he wanted to sell some sunglasses for Pride Season. They put Adam in touch with their vendors, and now we have Pride Shades! This first edition pair of shades will help us to pay for our wedding in 2021!

We appreciate your reading about our abbreviated love story, and for your support of Pride Shades. Neither of us thought that marriage or love was something we would find, and are beyond the moon at finding each other from 2050 miles away!