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We See Your Pride!

Why Pride|Shades?

PRIDE|SHADES exists to offer our community limited edition shades to help celebrate your pride. What is pride? It's ownership of who you are and the steps you've taken to get there. There's no limit to the endless possibilities of who you could have been, and we aim to give you a pair of shades whose nature is as unique as you.

Founded by Adam and Jeff, we're starting this company to pay for our wedding in 2021 (formerly 2020 - thanks Covid-19...) We wanted to create special, limited edition and seasonal shades that are modestly priced. Our first edition will have a limited release of 500 pairs.

Finding your way to your truth is a difficult process that can take years to forge, and this path can be filled with briars, wolves and other dangers. Because of this, PRIDE|SHADES will donate 10% of all profits to True Colors United, to help them in their quest to getting LGBTQ Youth Home.

True Colors United.